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Tactics of Hope Introduction

Book Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Hope and Possibility

Chapter 2: Becoming a Social Entrepreneur


Chapter 3: Health
Vera Cordeiro – Saúde Criança Renascer – Brazil
Paul Farmer – Partners in Health – Haiti, Russia, Guatemala, Peru, the United States and Sub-Saharan Africa
Trevor Field and Paul Ristic – PlayPumps – Sub-Saharan Africa
Andrea and Barry Coleman – Riders for Health – Africa
Liza Kimbo – Child and Family Wellness Shops – Kenya

Chapter 4: Education
John Wood – Room to Read – Asia and Africa
Ann Cotton – Campaign for Female Education – Africa
Taddy Blecher – CIDA City Campus – South Africa
Rodrigo Baggio – Committee for Democracy in Information Technology – Brazil

Chapter 5: Microcredit
Matt and Jessica Flannery – Kiva – Africa, Latin America, Asia, The Middle East and Eastern Europe
Marcelino San Miguel – Fundacion San Miguel Arcangel – Dominican Republic
Audrey Codera – The Philippine Youth Employment Network (PYEN) – The Philippines

Chapter 6: Fair Trade
Priya Haji – World of Good – Africa, Asia, Latin America, United States
Kailash Satyarthi and Nina Smith – RugMark Foundation – South Asia, United States
Charlotte di Vita – 21st Century Leaders – Africa, Asia, Latin America
Rory Stewart – Turquoise Mountain Foundation – Afghanistan

Chapter 7: Human Rights and Social Justice
Sasha Chanoff – Mapendo International – Africa
Karen Tse – International Bridges to Justice – China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burundi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe
John Marks and Susan Collin Marks – Search for Common Ground – Africa, the Middle East, Asia

Chapter 8: Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation
Heidi, Gary Kühn and family – Roots of Peace – Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Croatia, Iraq
Alberto Cairo – International Committee of the Red Cross, Orthopedic Center – Afghanistan
Tim Williamson – The Idea Village – New Orleans
Rosalind Jones Larkins – Next Level Foundation School – New Orleans

Chapter 9: The Environment and the Restoration of a Sustainable Planet
Lynne and Bill Twist – The Pachamama Alliance – Ecuador, United States
Van Jones – The Ella Baker Center – United States
Agung Prana – Coral Reef Restoration Project – Bali, Indonesia
Andy Rossmeissl and Jake Whitcomb – Brighter Planet, The United States

Chapter 10: Other Potent Change Agents: Intrapreneurs, Philanthropreneurs and Celebrities


Champions and Funders

Networks, Books, Schools and Magazines



About the Author and Contributing Editor


by Desmond Tutu

The most important thing you can do is live a meaningful life - and being of service to others is one of the greatest ways to make life meaningful. The potential and power of individuals throughout the world to bring about positive change is enormous, and never before have we lived in an era so ripe with opportunity to make a difference.

Some are fortunate to be born into circumstances of relative comfort. Others are less fortunate, having been born into circumstances most dire. This second group grows up without the things many of us take for granted - access to clean water, shelter, health services, protection from the cruelty of others, and even the most rudimentary education. Nine hundred million people live like this every day, in extreme poverty, yet they have as much potential as the rest of us to live productive, meaningful lives. As the stories in this book demonstrate, they can and will do so if they have access to some of the basics upon which to build their lives.

As I travel through my home country of South Africa and around the world, I am awed and humbled by the work millions of individuals have undertaken to enable those less fortunate to build lives of dignity, security, and hope. It is a beautiful thing to see. It is one of the greatest gifts one can give to another human being – and to oneself.

It is quite clear that our collective home is being depleted by our past and current practices. The world our children and grandchildren inherit will be much less hospitable than we might have hoped for them. This calls for all of us – rich and poor, black and white, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and those of all other faiths – to become better stewards of our home on Earth. The good news is that there are many individuals who are already answering this call, providing leadership and creating initiatives that the rest of us can learn from and emulate. The stories of some of these noble individuals and their initiatives are told in these pages.

This book is inspiration and guidance for those who want to be informed, those who want to begin to take their first step, and those who truly want to discover the opportunity we all have to make a difference.

Desmond Tutu, Cape Town, South Africa, January 2008


Excerpt from the Introduction:

“A hundred years from now, people may look back at this time – the cusp of the new millennium – and note that it marked the beginning of a dramatic shift in human consciousness regarding our social and environmental actions on earth. They may conclude that around this time occurred a collective realization that our current practices were not sustainable. And, they may give credit to the actions taken by millions of concerned individuals around the world, particularly people called “social entrepreneurs,” who used new technologies, business methods and a lot of determination to overcome age-old social and environmental challenges.

This book seeks to encourage individuals to claim their power and take action to address the environmental and social challenges that concern them. It argues that social entrepreneurs are essential to the restoration of a sustainable planet and the improvement of the lives of the 900 million people living in extreme poverty. It argues that these two issues – a recovering environment and social justice – are critical challenges of our era that most people are ignoring at their peril. It suggests that if you are not concerned about these issues you may want to reconsider your point of view. It contends that governments and multilateral institutions like the United Nations and the World Bank are critical to the solutions of these issues, but if left to their own devices will not have enough political will or creativity to achieve the level of results necessary. It also contends, however, that there is hope- hope in the form of individuals from all corners of the world who are taking it upon themselves to step forward in whatever ways they can to address these challenges.

What can I do? You may ask. A lot, as it turns out. Most of the barriers that previously prevented your making a difference no longer exist. The only major barrier that remains is the voice that says, “I am but one and the problems are so many.” The reality of that your ability to leverage your impact on the world has never been so great…

The Tactics of Hope highlights the extraordinary initiatives of teenagers and retired executives, poor villagers and wealthy philanthropists, Hollywood movie stars and advertising executives, medical doctors and Internet engineers. They are based in tech-savvy offices in California, undeveloped villages of sub-Saharan Africa, the rocky peaks of the Himalayas, the destitute slums of a Brazilian city and the coral reefs of Indonesia, among other places.

This book suggests tools you might use to help redefine your career, choose a new one, support someone else’s, or find your passion among the many social and environmental challenges that are out there. This is true whether your passion be the socioeconomic improvement of your own neighborhood, the resolution of religious and military conflicts in the Middle East, the removal of land mines in Asia, the prevention of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa or the preservation of rainforests in the Amazon. The book is organized so that you can read any chapter at any time, depending upon your interests.

In reading The Tactics of Hope and visiting the companion website – www.TacticsofHope.org – and those of the many other social entrepreneurs noted in Part III – you will find options and strategies regarding how best to take action in ways that address your concerns and are within your capacities. You can indeed make a difference, no matter where in the world you live, whether you are male or female, young or old, rich or poor.”

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